WHAT do YOU see?Screenshot_2015-12-03-10-53-04_1.jpgI am an also an artist and this is one of my older pieces

I title it “caged”

What is it that’s making you feel alone, what is it that you ar so desperately grasping for; never to be content?

Hope and dream are beautiful creations indeed and they should remain a source of tranquility for you. Do not let them turn into a burdensome relationship of a constant reminder of things you don’t have. They should define your attitude and your courage but never sullen your present life.

All humans feel caged either psychologically or physically, but it is possible to pull ourselves up with the constant remainder of what we do have. Even if one is living on the street with no kin present, he is in a bad situation yes! But he or she is alive and blessed. Look to those who are abase from you, those being held captive right now, and with that thought we should give thanks for the life we do have.

As I walk home I myself need to be thankful and release myself from my chains of hopelessness and spend time living in the moment.

Comment on what you feel is caging you right now and make it a source of mental catharsis and chance for you to enjoy life.


Would you rather live one long life or 10 different lives?

I would..

A long life,

            Is a sad life

Loss being inevitable,

And loved ones being passer-bys


A life in which one is caged within himself,

And confined to one lens,

Through which to see the world


But if one could lift the veil,

And live 10 lives,

He would indeed receive 10 lenses


There would be no parameters

No limitations

To live 10 lives

To understand 10 different cultures

To speak 10 tongues


Not a mere traveler


To become,

A true cosmopolite



The reason for the squabbles of the world

Is our inability to see what “others” see…

Our inability to let go of the jingoism that defines our lenses


With 10 lives

The “others” would disappear

Allowing us to become



“This is my fight song…”

Have you ever gotten an earworm? Something so persistant that it won’t let you go; it may seem like a distraction. Many times it is, but sometimes, it may be your subconscious reminding you from within. Ok… this seems strange but hear me out, each human is built with an intuition; this instinct is wired into our brains and is reflected in everyday life; like when we goof off. I believe that earworms are reflective of our desires and intuitions; our subconscious perhaps.

” This is my Fight song” by Rachel Platten, has been stuck in my head for the past view days. After, actually analyzing the song itself, I realized that it strikes a chord within everyone. However, it does not strike the same chord in each person. Everyone is wired differently and based on each person’s experiences, each gets something different out of it.

At first, the song to me was a mere representation of my dreams and struggling to succeed in a competitive, unforgiving world.

Until recently, two days ago, a tornado devastated much of my home state, Texas. Seeing the people struggling to survive, and watching friends and family, as their whole lives are ripped from their hand in a ephemeral period of time. It was tumultuous at first, I couldn’t fully comprehend what had happened. Slowly as the situation sunk in, and I took out supplies to help out in the stricken cities, I had an epiphany. Each of end up going after, the most useless of items in life, material belongings that are far from forever. We forget that what comes first is our family and the people around us.

Our Neighbors

Our friends

Our enemies

Our family

The people down the street

The people who we “hate”

The people who are pouring in as refugees

These are who we should be putting first, who we should be building connections with. Even enemies, what good is loathing going to bring? I speak to myself as well as I help those in need; those who have become refugees in seconds as two 4 scale tornados ripped through the area. Those, who have spent lives in poverty deserve our help in every way possible.

Our “fight song” revolves around protecting others, as well as ourselves. There is so much more to life than what we see ahead. We all have selective seeing. We see what is ahead. But, now it is time to scale the periphery and observe everything else.

Do an act of kindness right now! Make that your fight song!

-Fatimah Sunez




Eternity. . .
By Fatimah Z. S.
The cold i am huddled in
in this white winter garden i stand alone
the ice breaks and cracks (my limbs?)
Hear it whistle
The sweet spring breeze

Here it in the winter
(none but shadows i see)
   shadows of the spring
                             The bright Red
                                                        the red
                                                                  the faint red
                                                                                       the g l i m m e r

                                                                                                                      No Red.

 Here come the whistles

But spring is gone
                   the Guelder is here
                       the primroses have died

decayed and decomposed?

trudge through the hardened grass (and through the chill)
following the path into the cave—
                   the spring breeze
                                       WEE       WEE
but no more can it woo me
           until I saw the Chrysanthemum
                        germinating from delicate roots
                                                           perfervid limbs
                        I cried 😉



Each of us come face to face with many obstacles in our path; some become so prominent, we feel as though we are trapped in a glass box, and looking at our nightmares without having the power to change them. My grandma and the many other elderly in my life, have these “glass box” moments due to their age. Their youth is gone, their physical strength, but I want to remind them of one thing that can never be truly lost, only forgotten, hope. There is always a chance through the darkness, and it comes in many forms, like the chrysanthemum. However, everyone of all ages face troubles, face obstacles hindering success. For example, the many terror attacks going on, effect me as a practitioner of the peaceful and very  wrongly stereotyped religion as well as the families who have been killed but will never be forgotten. But, we must not let this define us, and we must persevere and find the courage which will allow us to mold our own reality through HOPE.

Who I am

I am teenager
I am a Muslim
I am an American
I am a female
I am a minority
I am an artist
I am a poet
I am a writer
I am an individual
part of a unified group
who wants to change the world

I have wanted to start a blog for a couple of years now, but my motivation always seemed to vacillate. However, with the recent news, I felt that it was motivation enough to wake me from my slumber. I am like any other teenager, faced with the trials and tribulations of life, filled with incomprehensible emotions and the desire for truth. In this blog I want to give you my truth, so you can adapt it to your self. I want to inspire confidence in other Muslims and other teenagers. Can we not look past the labels society has put upon us and realize that we are all humans? We each have unique qualities which make us each more human. Let us all be more and join together as a prospect  of unity to combat starvation and disease and pull people up instead of putting them down. It is our generation who will eventually run the world!