“This is my fight song…”

Have you ever gotten an earworm? Something so persistant that it won’t let you go; it may seem like a distraction. Many times it is, but sometimes, it may be your subconscious reminding you from within. Ok… this seems strange but hear me out, each human is built with an intuition; this instinct is wired into our brains and is reflected in everyday life; like when we goof off. I believe that earworms are reflective of our desires and intuitions; our subconscious perhaps.

” This is my Fight song” by Rachel Platten, has been stuck in my head for the past view days. After, actually analyzing the song itself, I realized that it strikes a chord within everyone. However, it does not strike the same chord in each person. Everyone is wired differently and based on each person’s experiences, each gets something different out of it.

At first, the song to me was a mere representation of my dreams and struggling to succeed in a competitive, unforgiving world.

Until recently, two days ago, a tornado devastated much of my home state, Texas. Seeing the people struggling to survive, and watching friends and family, as their whole lives are ripped from their hand in a ephemeral period of time. It was tumultuous at first, I couldn’t fully comprehend what had happened. Slowly as the situation sunk in, and I took out supplies to help out in the stricken cities, I had an epiphany. Each of end up going after, the most useless of items in life, material belongings that are far from forever. We forget that what comes first is our family and the people around us.

Our Neighbors

Our friends

Our enemies

Our family

The people down the street

The people who we “hate”

The people who are pouring in as refugees

These are who we should be putting first, who we should be building connections with. Even enemies, what good is loathing going to bring? I speak to myself as well as I help those in need; those who have become refugees in seconds as two 4 scale tornados ripped through the area. Those, who have spent lives in poverty deserve our help in every way possible.

Our “fight song” revolves around protecting others, as well as ourselves. There is so much more to life than what we see ahead. We all have selective seeing. We see what is ahead. But, now it is time to scale the periphery and observe everything else.

Do an act of kindness right now! Make that your fight song!

-Fatimah Sunez




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