WHAT do YOU see?Screenshot_2015-12-03-10-53-04_1.jpgI am an also an artist and this is one of my older pieces

I title it “caged”

What is it that’s making you feel alone, what is it that you ar so desperately grasping for; never to be content?

Hope and dream are beautiful creations indeed and they should remain a source of tranquility for you. Do not let them turn into a burdensome relationship of a constant reminder of things you don’t have. They should define your attitude and your courage but never sullen your present life.

All humans feel caged either psychologically or physically, but it is possible to pull ourselves up with the constant remainder of what we do have. Even if one is living on the street with no kin present, he is in a bad situation yes! But he or she is alive and blessed. Look to those who are abase from you, those being held captive right now, and with that thought we should give thanks for the life we do have.

As I walk home I myself need to be thankful and release myself from my chains of hopelessness and spend time living in the moment.

Comment on what you feel is caging you right now and make it a source of mental catharsis and chance for you to enjoy life.


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