Who I am

I am teenager
I am a Muslim
I am an American
I am a female
I am a minority
I am an artist
I am a poet
I am a writer
I am an individual
part of a unified group
who wants to change the world

I have wanted to start a blog for a couple of years now, but my motivation always seemed to vacillate. However, with the recent news, I felt that it was motivation enough to wake me from my slumber. I am like any other teenager, faced with the trials and tribulations of life, filled with incomprehensible emotions and the desire for truth. In this blog I want to give you my truth, so you can adapt it to your self. I want to inspire confidence in other Muslims and other teenagers. Can we not look past the labels society has put upon us and realize that we are all humans? We each have unique qualities which make us each more human. Let us all be more and join together as a prospect  of unity to combat starvation and disease and pull people up instead of putting them down. It is our generation who will eventually run the world!